Cozumel Food Tour

The best way to Learn the Culture and Customs of a Country is by their Delicious, Local Home-Cooked Food.

Daily Departures

9am, 10, 11, 12pm

3 Hour Tour Includes

Local, Professional, Bilingual Guides
• Pick up at the Down Town main Square
• Welcome Chilled Waters
• History and Highlights
• All the Delicious Food
• Home Made Ice Cream
• Lots of Fun

What to Bring

• Comfortable Shoes
• Sun Block
• Hat
• Camera
• Empty Stomach
• Extra Money
• Big Smile!

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Mahi Mahi Fresh Ceviche!

Discover Mexico’s Most unique, World Famous Food on this Fun, Cultural, and Delicious Tour.  Learn from our experts how to prepare the very best Fresh Guacamole, Try the Fish Tacos, the Authentic Quesadillas, and Local’s Favorite Cochinita Pibil…Along with some Cultural stops like The Public Market, and The Municipal Park. Take Amazing Pictures and meet some of the most pleasant Local People.

Meet Our Foodie Experts at the Main Square in Down Town and get ready to experience Cozumel through the Exquisite taste of the best Homemade Mexican Food! 

Wait…You are not done yet, Dessert is Included!…  Your last stop will be the sweetest of all… A Delicious Home-Made Mexican Ice Cream Store!

Best Mexican Ice Cream

All Products are Fresh and processed naturally by Local People to create the most Delightful Ice Cream! Try the most famous flavors such as Mayan Dark Chocolate, Classic Pure Vanilla, Guava, Passion Fruit, Fresh Lime, Mango, and Chocolate Mint! 

Perfect for Cruise Ship Clients and Families!

Mexican Cuisine goes back to the Mayan and Aztec Indigenous ways of preparing food…Creators of Chocolate and Chewing Gum. With the arrival of the Spanish and the other European Countries, Mexican Cuisine turns into the Most Exotic and Delicious Food for the World’s Delight!

Best Buy Tours Cozumel

Seeks To:

• Increase Local Business Income
• Create Jobs Inside the Community
• Foment Sustainable Mayan Traditions

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