The Company

Making Friends and Great Memories!

Best Buy Tours Cozumel is a Family own, Local Tour Company with over 10 years in the Market. Our Friendly Staff is always ready to help you Customize your Excursion in the best way that is suitable for you and your family. If you are visiting by Cruise Ship, staying at a Hotel, or on the mainland… Best Buy Tours Cozumel offers you: Custom Private Excursions, Experience, Value, Fun, and Safety… So, Get Ready to Enjoy the Best Cozumel has to Offer! 


At a young age, Marcos developed a love for traveling, Diving, and Making new Friends. Traveling all over the World, open the door to launch a Friendly, Professional Tour Company to help clients

Maximize their Visit to Cozumel with a touch of the Amazing Mayan Culture and Local Life! Now, After 10 years opened for business, Marcos is recognized for his friendly, Professional, Fun, and safe way of running Best Buy Tours Tours while keeping in mind,  and always paying back to the Local Mayan Community. 

How We Work

Honesty, before anything!

Booking a Tour Online can be really Confusing nowadays… Especially with all of the Foreign Platforms (brokers) selling Tours from other Parts of the World, without even knowing the Destination. For the most part, these Platforms are trying to make the highest commissions…So, they resell Tours to Smaller Tour Operators, without caring about the quality of service or safety of the Clients.

We Operate our Own Tours and Groups with Only the Best, Certified, bilingual Speaking Local Guides… We are more than willing to help you create a Fantastic Adventure that will last a Life Time!

The Truth About Cruise Ship Clients

Most Cruise Ship Clients are afraid to book an Excursion outside their Cruise Ship. This is only because the Cruise Line scares Clients by saying that if they book a Tour outside the Cruise Line…They will miss their Cruise Departure Time… Well, the Cruise Line is just applying the very common Scaring Clients Selling Tactic. 

We have NEVER, EVER been even close to missing the departure. Plus, the way it works is simple. Cruise Line sells the Tours on Board at a way Higher Price and then, they call us to operate the Tours. Cruise Ship Lines do not Own any Tours, Jeeps, Boats, or even Bicycles. So, they rely on a Tour Operator with a Great Reputation like us, to take care of YOU.

Remember, these are the same Tours that they sell to you at a Higher Price and then reselling it to a Local Company anyway. By buying from a Local Operator, you will be saving money and Helping the Local Mayan Economy while you and your Family Enjoy a Real Adventure!… We do not sacrifice quality for price…Our Tours are always Professionally Handled by us.